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Mass Spectrometer

The mass spectrometer is an instrument which can measure the masses and relative concentrations of atoms and molecules. It makes use of the basic magnetic force on a moving charged particle.

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Mass Spectrometer - How it works

A good explanation of how a mass spectrometer works

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The Atwood Machine

Two masses on either side of a pulley with variables of mass and friction. Enter values for the masses of the two balls then hit go to see them fall!

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Explorescience: Driven Harmonic Motion (2 masses)

Apply a driving force to two masses and three springs. Vary masses, spring constants and frequencies & observe different modes of resonance. Subscription site but with 30 day free trial.

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Atwood Machine

The site demonstrate the use of various masses to measure the force exerted on one mass by another.

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Air Track Simulator

This applet simulates collisions in one dimension. Users can change variables of mass, elasticity and initial speeds of masses on an air track.

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Chandrasekhar Limit

The calculation of the maximum mass of 1.44 solar masses for a white dwarf was done by Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar on a ship on the way from India to England to begin graduate study in physics at ...

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Cygnus X-1

Doppler studies of this blue supergiant in Cygnus indicate a period of 5.6 days in orbit around an unseen companion. The mass of the companion is calculated to be 8-10 solar masses, much too large to ...

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Reduced Mass

The relative motion of two objects which are acted on by a central force can be described by Newton's Second Law as if they were a single mass with a value called the "reduced mass".

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Mass and Weight

The connection between mass and weight. Links with many other relevant pages such as mechanical quantities and relativistic mass

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