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Billion-Pixel View From Curiosity at Rocknest, White-Balanced

Explore this interactive billion pixel panorama of Mars taken by the Curiosity rover.

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Mars Exploration Fun zone

A fun site about Mars exploration, with activities and games. Pack your bags for space travel, find out how much you weigh on Mars, or make a map of the red planet.

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NASA - Mars

Information on the red planet and NASA's Mars exploration programme, including missions such as Phoenix, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Spiirt and Opportunity rovers and more.

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Mars Pathfinder

Mars Pathfinder web site, giving information on the 1997 mission to Mars.

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Why is Mars so red?

Some great video talks, images and screensavers from the European Space Agency on why Mars is red.

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Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Lots of information and images from the Spirit and Opportunity Mars rovers.

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How Mars Works

All about Mars: its origins, composition, atmosphere etc. This page is part of Marshall Brain's

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How to put a human on Mars

An interactive looking at six different challenges of getting to Mars and back.

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Mars exploration program

Details latest exploration plans for Mars, includes photo gallery, videos and fun stuff.

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Mars retrograde animation

A simple but clear animation showing why Mars seems to travel one direction across the sky and move back the other way.

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