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What is laser?

A basic explanation from NASA of what laser is and how it differs from ordinary light, along with some examples of how lasers are used.

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50 Uses of the laser

The laser turned 50 in May 2010, and it's been a busy half century. Find out what lasers have been up to from reading barcodes to removing tattoos.

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Laser experiments

Easy and fun activities with Lasers

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Laser challenge

A simple platform game from the Nobel foundation, including questions about lasers

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site concerned with holograms and lasers straightforward explanation and links to a slide show, faq and more. Includes advert and ordering information for 'shoebox holography.'

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Science Experiments You Can Do

Science club type activities involving lasers, dry ice, optics, slime and smoke rings.

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Optics for Kids

With a series of questions and answers the site takes the user from basic light principles to lenses in glasses and telescopes, and lasers. There are useful links and an optics glossary.

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