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Animated Engines

Impressive animations of a wide range of different types of heat engine - internal combustion, steam and stirling and - with detailed explanations

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How Car Engines Work

A brief description of how internal combustion engines work from

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Stirling Engine

Stirling engines run without noise or vibration and are truly an environmentally friendly device. They are a closed machine with no intake or exhaust which results in very quiet operation. Anything ...

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How does a jet engine work?

This video from General Electric looks at how jet engines work.

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Stirling silver? - Heat engines

The Stirling Engine is used to cool satellites in space but it's also making a comeback as a potential source of power in remote places.

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Savery Engine

Invented by Thomas Savery in the late 17th century, the Savery engine was the first commercially successful steam engine and was used to draw water out of mines.

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Ion Engines

A great resource, including fun and challenging games, for students and teachers about ion engines and how they are used to propel spacecraft.

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Internal Energy

A summary of internal energy with example calculations and links to related topics.

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Stirling Engine Society USA

SESUSA was established to exchange knowledge, ask questions and express ideas regarding the stirling engine.

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Building simple heat engines

Instructions on how to build various types of steam engines made into simple toys. With explanations on how they work and pictures.

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