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Infrared Waves

A page about infrared radiation, infrared astronomy , thermal imaging and other uses.

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Infrared Astronomy

A guide to infrared astronomy including what infrared is, technology, history and recent images. This is a very comprehensive site,.

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Inofrmation on infrared (IR), a broad range of frequencies, beginning at the top end of those frequencies used for communication and extending up the the low frequency (red) end of the visible ...

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Messing around with infrared light

How to detect IR waves, make an IR filter and an explanation of how heat relates to sound.

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Infrared Spatial Interferometer

Information about the University of California (at Berkeley) special interferometer used for accurate positioning and data from space

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Invisible Light - Thermal Imaging

The site gives a short history of infrared thermal imaging, including some of the latest developments. Of interest to photographers as well as of direct use for physics students.

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum

NASA page about electromagnetic waves with descriptions of such waves and their uses.Covers radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet (UV), x-rays and gamma rays.

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum

The site explains the basic of the electromagnetic spectrum and the various wavelengths of which it is composed (Radio Waves, Microwaves , Infrared, the Visible Spectrum, Ultraviolet, Gamma Rays, ...

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Seyfert Galaxies

The key to classifying a galaxy as a Seyfert Galaxy is the presence of broad emission lines from the bright, star-like nucleus. They are often strong radio and infrared sources. The first such active ...

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How Night Vision Works

A brief description of how Night Vision works using image enhancenment or thermal imaging, from Marshall Brain's A good overview of the use of infrared imaging and its applications.

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