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Holography helpers

A useful site covering all aspects of holography at a beginner to intermediate level. Has FAQs and addresses for technical questions on making your own equipment.

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Practical Holography & Holograms

Holography from start (theory of light) to finish (full practical details). This is like a mini textbook with many chapters, with diagrams.

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Hyperphysics - Holography

Production, properties and history of holograms with useful internal links.

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site concerned with holograms and lasers straightforward explanation and links to a slide show, faq and more. Includes advert and ordering information for 'shoebox holography.'

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MIT Museum

The MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Museum. A selection of online resources and exhibitions from Time Travel to Holography and Robots

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Holography Lasers and Holograms

Descriptions and information on holograms.

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