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How Helium Balloons Work

A brief description of how Helium Balloons float from, explaining why things float and then extends the argument to helium.

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Helium Bubbles!

This site includes a short QuickTime movie illustrating bubbles full of helium.

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The Proton-Proton Chain - turning hydrogen into helium

How do we turn hydrogen into helium and make energy? A simple explanation of the nuclear fusion process that goes on in our sun.

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A remarkable transition occurs in the properties of liquid helium at the temperature 2.17 K, called the "lambda point" for helium. Part of the liquid becomes a "superfluid", a zero viscosity fluid ...

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Helium-Neon Laser

The most common and inexpensive gas laser is the helium-neon laser and it is usually constructed to operate in the red region of light.

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Why does helium make your voice squeaky?

A simple explanation of this party trick.

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Liquid Helium

Kamerlingh Onnes worked for many years to liquify the element which persisted as a gas to the lowest temperature.

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The CNO cycle

The fusion reactions of the CNO Cycle allows bigger stars to convert hydrogen to helium.

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Physics in Speech

A very interesting page on speech that covers the workings of the vocal cords, including how helium affects the voice.

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Elements as Atoms

Many of the ideas of quantum mechanics which went into the model of the hydrogen atom can also be used to understand helium, oxygen, copper and iron - in fact all of the elements.

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