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Fusion Energy Educational Website

Uses text and colour images to explain the nuclear fusion process in stars and the current research into achieving controlled nuclear fusion.

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The Science of Stars

This site from the BBC gives comprehensive information on stars: why they twinkle, what happens inside a star and more.

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A short introduction to stars, followed by questions on all things star related, suitable for all age and knowlege levels.

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The Forces of Fusion!

It works for the stars, it should be able to work for us. Fusion will provide us with a virtually inexhaustible supply of clean, accessible energy. This site helps explain what is needed to fuse two ...

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The natures of the stars

Beginner's information on different types of star from University of Illinois astronomy department. Covers pulsars, supernovae, dwarf stars etc.

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Star Journey

Journey through the stars, view the nighttime sky using the star chart, with overlays of Hubble Space Telescope images. Visit the Star Attractions highlights of the heavens or take a look at the ...

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The Life and Death of Stars

A nice site taking you through the life cycle of a star with some good images of the different stages of a star's life.

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Fusion Energy Program

The mission of the U.S. Fusion Energy Sciences Program is to advance plasma science, fusion science, and fusion technology − the knowledge base needed for an economically and environmentally ...

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Barnard's Star

Short piece on one of our closest stars.

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Proton Fusion

This is the process which fuels the Sun and other stars which have core temperatures less than 15 million Kelvin. A reaction cycle yields about 15 MeV of energy.

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