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Flights of Inspiration

History of flight, describing the 1919 Alcock and Brown flight across the Atlantic alongside the 1903 Wright Brothers flight.

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What is aeronautics? The science of flight

A good clear page on flight and how planes fly.

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Animal flight

These pages explain the mechanics of flight, focusing on how they are used by birds, bats and other vertebrates.

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Aeronautics Internet Textbook

Easy to navigate electronic textbook on the principles of flight, including info on the history of flight and projects to try out.

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The Four Forces of Flight

NASA page explaining the forces involved in flight: lift, drag, thrust and weight.

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Insect Flight

An article describing how a computer simulation of rapidly oscillating wings and the complex motions of fluids has proved that insect flight conforms to the physical principles of aerodynamics.

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Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Online exhibitions about flight including Apollo to the Moon, Milestones of Flight, How Things Fly, Business Wings, Space Race, Exploring the Planets, GPS etc

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Frisbee flight

What effect does the rim of a frisbee have on its flight? Find out here through a clear explanation and diagram.

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Paper Airplane Flight Simulator

Play with the variables on this simulator to improve your flight.

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History of Flight

An introduction to the history of flight, with links to other sites on the subject.

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