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Random Walk

Applet displays the histogram for a particle that undergoes random walk with 15 steps.

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How Random Access Memory (RAM) Works

A brief description of how Random Access Memory (RAM) works from

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Half Life

A simple model to show random decay (in this case pixels within a grid)

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Definition and links to related information. Diffusion refers to the process by which molecules intermingle as a result of their kinetic energy of random motion.

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Dance of Chance

How patterns and fractals appear in many areas of the natural world, from originally random processes including metal depostions, termites and bacteria. An attractive non-technical introduction to ...

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The Law of Radioactive Decay

Java Applet simulating the random decay of 1000 radioactive nuclei, comparing this with the theory

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White Noise

White noise is noise whose amplitude is constant throughout the audible frequency range. It is fairly easy to produce white noise - it is often produced by a random noise generator in which all ...

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Positive and negatively charged particles

A java applet which allows the user to add particles to a box which are positive or negatively charged, moving at random so that the motion can be observed.

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Temperature and Absolute Zero

When an object feels hot, the atoms inside it are moving fast in random directions, and when it feels cold, they are moving slowly and when it gets cold enough they stop moving - this is called ...

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Centre for Polymer Studies, University of Boston

Center for Polymer Studies (CPS), Physics Department and Science and Mathematics Education Center at Boston University. Interdisciplinary research in aspects of polymer, random, and fractal system, ...

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