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What is an electron microscope?

A simple illustrated explanation of what is an electron microscope and the difference between resolution and magnification.

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The Scanning Electron Microscope

A site for children explaining how the scanning electron microscope works, and showing some images of objects.

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Anatomy of the microscope

Everything you ever wanted to know about microscopes and their various components.

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Autobiography of Ernst Ruska

Ernst Ruska (1906 - 1988) received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1986 for his fundamental work in electron optics, and for the design of the first electron microscope.

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What DNA Actually Looks Like

An electron microscope has successfully imaged a single strand of DNA.

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What Does A Bee Look Like When It’s Magnified 3000 Times?

A collection of scanning electron microscope pictures of bees.

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How the SEM works

Describes how a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) works, has a library of images and demonstrations for teachers to use.

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Leo Szilard

Leo Szilard (1898 - 1964) ideas included the linear accelerator, cyclotron, electron microscope, and nuclear chain reaction. Equally important was his insistence that scientists accept moral ...

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Refraction of Light

Covers the law of refraction including interactive Java tutorials. Links to ideas of fluorescence, diffraction, polarization, reflection, scattering, and Virtual microscopy (Virtual scanning electron ...

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$10 Smartphone to digital microscope conversion

Turn your smartphone into a microscope with the homemade hack.

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