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Electricity Transmission System

How do you transport electricity? Follow its journey from power plant to your home.

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Which way does electricity REALLY flow?

Details of what electric current is and how it is measured. The site corrects many misconceptions about electricity.

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Kilo What?

A page introducing the general concept of electricity with good links off e.g. "Watered Down Electricity".

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What is Electricity

Most of us couldn't get by without it... but what is electricity? This site offers a nice, clear explanation and plenty more links.

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Articles on electricity

A thorough and passionate clarification of the many misconceptions in electrical study which arise at school. Ideal for non-specialist staff who are not too sure what "electricity" actually is.

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What is Electricity

Article and links about the nature of electricity and electrolysis.

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NPL Beginners' Guide - Electricity

An overview of the measurement of electricity.

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Electricity Analogy

Flash animation of how electricity works using bread vans as electrons, a bakery as the battery and a supermarket as a bulb or buzzer.

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Kids' site about electricity. Find out how electricity is made, learn about renewable energy, and even take a virtual tour of a power station!

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Nanogenerators Produce Electricity from Running Rodents

Nanotechnology has enabled a hamster wearing a power-generating jacket to do its own small part to provide a new and renewable source of electricity.

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