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Electric motors involve rotating coils of wire which are driven by the magnetic force exerted by a magnetic field on an electric current. They transform electrical energy into mechanical energy.

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How does a motor work?

A clear diagram to explain how motors operate with links to follow for further explanations on DC or AC motors.

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Simple Electric Motors

Practical projects for building many types of electric motors. Great for school projects science clubs.

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Breakman's Electric Motor

How to make a simple electric motor at home.

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Control of Stepping Motors, a tutorial

A manual on how to run and control stepping motors. Useful if you are experimenting with robotics. There is a section on how to program (you will need a C compiler) a stepping motor to run from a ...

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How Electric Motors Work

A brief description of how Electric Motors work from

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Induction motor action

Induction motors use shorted wire loops on a rotating armature and obtain their torque from currents induced in these loops by the changing magnetic field produced in the field coils.

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Simple Electromagnetic Motor

Building high (static) voltage motor from plastic bottles. This is an interesting site with some good links.

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Reed Switch Motor

A guide to making this simple form of motor. Contains an explanation of a reed switch.

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How electric guitar pickups work

HowStuffWorks article on electric guitars and how they use magnetic coils to translate sound into an electrical signal.

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