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Doppler shift

An explanation of Doppler shift, which occurs when the light emitted by a moving star for example changes wavelength (known as redshift or blueshift).

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The Doppler Effect

A short film explaining the Doppler effect in simple, easy to understand terms. Nominated for the SciCast competition.

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The Doppler effect

An explanation of the Doppler effect, which occurs whenever the source of waves (eg sound) is moving with respect to an observer.

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An Example of the Doppler Effect

Java applet (part of a wider site) which illustrates the Doppler effect for sound, giving the example of a passing ambulance siren.

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Christian Andreas Doppler

Biography of this physicist, remembered for his work on sound waves. He also conducted research on stars saying colours of stars will change depending on whether it is approaching or receding - ...

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Understanding the Doppler effect

A short and simple explanation of the Doppler effect.

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Doppler Effect

A good clear explanation of the Doppler Effect with diagrams.

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Doppler Shift for Sound and Light

Text based page describing the mathematics of a Doppler Shift for sound and light.

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Relativistic Doppler Shift

Equation for Doppler Shift and relativistic Doppler shift.

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Suggestions for classroom demonstrations on topics including interference and Doppler shift.

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