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The Universe Adventure

This fantastic site deals with cosmology : the study of the structure, history, and fate of the Universe. It's the place to go whether you want to know more about dark matter, how our universe formed ...


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Cosmology & astrophysics

This site gives an overview of the physics of cosmology through a series of links to relevant articles.

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Cosmology FAQ

A long lisit of cosmology questions, dealing with subjects such as the Big Bang, dark matter, black holes, the expanding universe.

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Cosmology: A Research Briefing

An ebook aiming to advise policy makers on opportunities in this field. An overview of cosmology, concentrating on advances in the last 30 years.

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Cosmology and the Big Bang

A page explaining cosmology and one of its most important theories: the Big Bang. Also has a list of Q&As on various related topics.

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A Brief History of Cosmology

Outline description of the History of Cosmology. Includes biographies of key figures.

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Cambridge Cosmology

Links and information on all aspects of cosmology including the Big Bang, Galaxies and Clusters, Cosmic Radiation and Cosmic Strings. All the information is supported with images and there are a ...

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General Relativity

One of a series of informative chapters on the Foundations of Modern Cosmology.

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General Relativity and Cosmology

A pdf document set out in note form which discusses topics such as the cosmological principle.

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UCSB Experimental cosmology

University of California' s Santa Barbara Astrophysics page has links to their research, as well as libraries of images and a tutorial.

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