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Conduction Heat Transfer

Conduction is heat transfer by means of molecular agitation within a material without any motion of the material as a whole.

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How does heat energy move - Energy transfers

A good explanation of radiation, convection and conduction.

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Melting race - Marvin and Milo

A Marvin and Milo activity about conduction. All you need is a plastic container, a metal frying pan and two identical ice cubes.

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Heat Transfer

An index page for lots of information relating to heat transfer topics such as conduction and convection.

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Heat transfer animation

A clear explanation of heat transfer through conduction, convection and radiation. Uses flash.

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Vacuum Tubes

The conduction of electricity in thin gases in vacuum tubes was the key to the discovery of the electron in 1897.Description of the discovery of Cathode rays.

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Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier

Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier (1768 - 1830) is best known for his work on heat conduction between solids in terms of infinite mathematical series now called by his name, the Fourier series.

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