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Syncom Satellite

Communication satellites are most valuable when they stay above the same point on the earth, in what are called "geostationary orbits".

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Satellites (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Details of the different satellites which collect data for NOAA, real-time satellite pictures (USA) and archived satellite images of weather extremes.

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Earth Lessons and Classroom activities

Teachers can create their own lessons on Astrophysics Research, Artificial Earth Orbiting Satellite, Sine Waves, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Images of the Universe in Different Wavelengths, Satellite ...

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The Satellite Site

Information about satellites (Man-made). Build your own satellite on screen.

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Messages from Space

Information, data, and images from Surrey University's satellite network. A dedicated website supporting satellite and space technology topics in Physics. Classroom resources, live satellite tracker ...

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Satellite orbits

Student selects satellite velocity to try to keep satellite in earth orbit

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Satellite Tracking

A collection of links to sites tracking satellites, from the Hubble telescope to the International Space Station.

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Circular Motion and Satellite Motion

In depth site explaining circular motion and how satellites orbit the Earth.

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Global Positioning System

In June of 1993 the last of the 24 satellites of the Global Positioning System was placed into orbit, completing a satellite network capable providing position data to locate you anywhere on Earth ...

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The Altimetry Atlas

This site makes available mean sea surface and gravity anomaly maps of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans, computed from satellite altimeter data gathered by satellite.

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