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Circular Motion and Centripetal Force

This simulation shows how two masses connected together by a string move. The simulation is designed to demonstrate circular motion and centripetal force.

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Centripetal Force

Description of this force with links to related topics.

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What are forces?

Basic explanation of what forces are, focussing on the subatomic world and including electromagnetic, weak and strong force.

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Force carriers

A short explanation of force carriers which are particles responsible for the forces we experience.

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Circular Motion Centripetal and Tangential Accelerations

Animation of a car travelling around a track, its acceleration vectors (tangential and centripetal) are shown. Initial values for car acceleration and velocity can be varied.

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Circular orbit

Gravity supplies the necessary centripetal force to hold a satellite in orbit about the earth. The circular orbit is a special case since orbits are generally ellipses, or hyperbolas.

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Model of a Carousel (Centripetal Force)

Java Applet simulating the motion of an object rotating on a carousel - demonstrating the Physics of circular motion, and Newton's Laws of Motion.

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How Roller Coasters Work

A brief description of how Roller Coasters work, manipulating inertial, gravitational and centripetal forces in the service of a great ride.. Part of Marshall Brain's

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Fundamental concepts of force

A very basic introduction to forces.

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Net Force

A demonstration of multiple forces that acts on an object.

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