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Lightning Q&A

What is lightning? Does lightning strike from the sky down, or the ground up? Can you have lightning without thunder? This site has all the answers.

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Hyperphysics - Electron Capture

Description of radioactive process of electron capture with good links to other sites.

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What is lightning? How does lightning happen?

A (student's?) attempt at describing the processes occurring in a lightning flash. A simple explanation is given but the assertion is made that physicists are still unclear of the mechanisms involved.

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The Story of a Strike

One bolt of lightning has enough energy to flash on every light bulb in your town. Here's what lightning did to Gretel...

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Sparks and lightning

An essay describing a slowed down bolt of lightning

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Lightning, an example of a natural capacitor

A fast moving animation showing charge separation and lightning between storm clouds and the ground

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What goes on when lightning strikes?

An article looking at four ideas behind how lightning starts.

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Understanding Lightning

A comprehensive guide on what causes lightning and what is going on.

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Plasma Balls

Well, essentially, they are glass globes with 'lightning bolts' coming from a central electrode to the surface of the sphere. If you touch the globe, the lightning will normally follow your hand.

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How Lightning Works

Everything you wanted to know about of how lightning works and its properties. Also contains a section on the water cycle. This site is part of

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