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Bubble Chambers

A simple page giving short but clear details on bubble chamber particle detectors.

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Bubble Chamber

Device for detecting charged particles and other radiation by means of tracks of bubbles left in a chamber filled with liquid hydrogen or other liquefied gas.

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Cloud and bubble chambers

A good explanation of early particle detectors: cloud and bubble chambers. Aimed at A level students.

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Donald Glaser and his bubble chamber

A brief history of the invention of the bubble chamber, one of the earliest particle detectors.

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7-Foot Bubble Chamber

Description of the first particle detector of its type at Brookhaven in which the chamber through which the particles passed was surrounded by a superconducting magnet.

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Big bubbles

Who doesn't like bubbles? Learn how to make the best bubble mix and pick up some fun ideas for making all different sorts of bubbles.

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Observing the world of particles

Introduction to earlier particle detectors including nuclear emulsions, cloud, bubble, and multiwire chambers.

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A mathematical explanation of bubbles.

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Bubble colours

Find out how the properties of light waves give bubbles their colour.

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The physics of a popping bubble were never so gorgeous

Beautiful patterns on colour formed on bubbles caused by the interference of light waves.

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