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The Aircraft and Spacecraft of Neil Armstrong's Career

Browse through the many aircraft that Neil Armstrong flew

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How Ejection Seats Work

Ejection from an aircraft can place the human body under large forces, this is an explanation of these.

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A Vertical Empire

A description of British Rockets and rocket aircraft. A History of the British Rocketry Programme 1950-1971.

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Hindenburg (LZ-119)

At 803.8 feet in length, the German passenger airship Hindenburg (LZ-119) was the largest aircraft ever to fly. The commercial flights of Hindenburg, along with Graf Zeppelin, pioneered the first ...

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Airplane In Wind

The cross-country navigation of an aircraft involves the vector addition of relative velocities since the resultant ground speed is the vector sum of the airspeed and the wind speed.

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Douglas Rayner Hartree

Douglas Rayner Hartree (1897 - 1958) was a theoretical physicist. His initial interest in numerical methods arose from his work on anti-aircraft gunnery which he applied to the physics of the ...

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