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How Do Particle Accelerators Work?

What do all the different parts do in a particle accelerator? Find out what the main parts do in big accelerators around the world like the LHC or Fermilab's Tevatron.

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How an accelerator works

Read how the accelerators at CERN get particles travelling close to the speed of light.

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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

A site which contains lots of information about particles and particle accelerators. Lots of information and a good glossary make this site especially good for post-16 research projects.

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How to build and use the salad bowl particle accelerator

Use a salad bowl, some aluminium tape, a pair of scissors, 3 leads with 4mm jacks, 2 crocodile clips, a ping pong ball, some Nickel spray and a Van de Graaff generator to make a model of how ...

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Particle accelerators: making life better since 1932

Three everyday uses of particle accelerators from improving medical treatments and chocolate to cleaning up oil spills.

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Particle accelerators

A good guide to particle accelerators: why they're used, how they work and the research being done with them.

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The cyclotron was one of the earliest types of particle accelerators, and is still used as the first stage of some large multi-stage particle accelerators. It makes use of the magnetic force on a ...

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The cherry pie collider

A great article looking at the difference between the LHC and the ILC particle accelerators.

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Relativistic heavy ion collider

The particle accelerator, its construction, and some of the experiments running on it.

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Quarks Quest

Description of the tevatron particle accelerator and the work of Fermilab.

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