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Absorption Spectra

Fraunhofer's observation of spectral lines was a complete accident. Find out more about the absorption spectrum here.

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Photon Absorption

Explanation of the absorption of photons in an hydrogen atom and its energy levels. Use of the Bohr and Rydberg equations.

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Absorption and Emission

Taking the electron transitions associated with visible and ultraviolet interactions with matter as an example, absorption of a photon will occur only when the quantum energy of the photon precisely ...

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Rudolf Ludwig Mossbauer

Rudolf Ludwig Mossbauer (1919 - ) main work was directed towards the study of absorption of gamma rays in matter, in particular the study of nuclear resonance absorption. He received the Nobel Prize ...

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Why Aren’t Bird Electrocuted When They Perch On Power Lines?

Birds can sit on power lines that have extremely high voltage, find out how they can do this and survive.

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Magnetic Field Lines

A magnetic field can be thought of as consisting of lines of force.

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How Digital Subscriber Lines (DSLs) Work

A brief description of how Digital Subscriber Lines (DSLs) work. This site is part of Marshall Brain's

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Light travels in straight lines

Short video demonstrating how light travels in straight lines

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Hyperphysics - Mossbauer Effect

Description of the Mossbauer effect and absorption in Ir-191, with application to gravitational red shift.

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The Hubble Law

Measuring the red shift for several galaxies from spectral lines.

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