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Temperature and Absolute Zero

When an object feels hot, the atoms inside it are moving fast in random directions, and when it feels cold, they are moving slowly and when it gets cold enough they stop moving - this is called ...

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Things are looking up [PDF]

A great place to start astronomy or star gazing. This in-depth guide is meant for absolute beginners and will guide you through how to navigate your way around the night sky with several ideas for ...

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New State of matter at ultra low temperatures.

Discusses creation of a new state of matter at near absolute zero - Bose Einstein condensates. Sponsored by University of Colorado.

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Error Analysis

A helpful page giving definitions for various terms used in error anaylsis including error margins, absolute error, accuracy, confidence intervals and estimates.

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What is relative humidity?

Explanation of relative and absolute humidity and how they affect how warm you feel.

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Absolute zero

Great page with lots of information about the race to reach the lowest temperature ever, with lots more information and animations about temperature.

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