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De Mora Luminis

Measuring times of the eclipses of Jupiter's moons when Earth and Jupiter were in various positions gave evidence for light traveling at a finite speed. Includes a list of measurements of c made ...

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Jupiter Effect

Diagram showing forces of attraction with planet alignment.

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Ole Christensen Roemer

In 1676, Ole Roemer made the first accurate measurement of the speed of light using Jupiter's moons. His estimate was 140,000 miles/second.

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Detect The Jupiter Like Planet Around Three Stars

Details of how large planets have been detected around three other solar type stars. Understanding Doppler wobble aided by an exercise.

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Roemer's Hypothesis

Roemer's observations of the periods of Jupiter's moon allowed the first estimate of the speed of light. A good site relevant to all college students.

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Galileo Project Information

A site containing details of the Galileo project and the results received in this mission to study the atmosphere of Jupiter.

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How the Speed of Light was First Measured

Details of the experiment conducted to determine the speed of light including Ole Römer's observation with an eclipse of Io, Jupiter's moon.

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