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How GPS Receivers Work

A brief description of how GPS Receivers and trilateration work. From

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GPS Time Series

Monitoring the Earth's surface using GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, providing quantitative data of changes in position and rates of change.

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The Global Positioning System

Describes pretty much everything you might need to know about GPS in quite a lot of detail.

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Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Online exhibitions about flight including Apollo to the Moon, Milestones of Flight, How Things Fly, Business Wings, Space Race, Exploring the Planets, GPS etc

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Galileo - Europe's GPS

Galileo is Europe's own global navigation satellite system. This page explains how it works and why Europe needs it.

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Spaced Penguin!

Use the GPS (Giant Penguin Slingshot) to launch Kevin the penguin back on to his space ship. A fantastic game to illustrate projectile motion and the effects of gravity.

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How does GPS work?

More information on how GPS satellites calculate your location, from using accurate atomic clocks to ensuring enough coverage.

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How does the Global Positioning System work?

More information on GPS including what type of information is transmitted by satellites.

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