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Francis Crick

A critical influence in Francis Crick's (1916 - ) career was his friendship, beginning in 1951, with J. D. Watson, then a young man of 13, leading in 1953 to the proposal of the double-helical ...

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Cambridge Physics - The Structure of DNA

Series of pages that takes the reader on a detailed journey through the discovery and structure of DNA.

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Rosalind Franklin (1910-1958)

A short biography of Franklin, who played a vital role in aiding the DNA work of Watson and Crick.

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My aunt, the DNA pioneer

A BBC article by Rosalind Franklin's nephew highlighting her role in the discovery of the structure of DNA.

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Optical tweezers simulation

Did you ever imagine that you can use light to move a microscopic plastic bead? Use the optical tweezers to manipulate a single strand of DNA and explore the physics of tiny molecular motors.

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How DNA Computers Will Work

A brief description of how DNA Computers Will work. This site is part of Marshall Brain's

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Defending Franklin's Legacy

An interview with an American professor who is highlighting Rosalind Franklin's role in the DNA story. Has links through to a glossary of scientific terms.

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What DNA Actually Looks Like

An electron microscope has successfully imaged a single strand of DNA.

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