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What BEC looks like

What does a Bose-Einstein condensate look like - well it looks like a dense little lump in the bottom of the magnetic trap/bowl; kind of like a drop of water condensing out of damp air onto a cold ...

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New State of matter at ultra low temperatures.

Discusses creation of a new state of matter at near absolute zero - Bose Einstein condensates. Sponsored by University of Colorado.

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How is BEC made?

It took 70 years to realise Einstein's concept of Bose-Einstein condensation in a gas. It was first accomplished by Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman in 1995. They did it by cooling atoms to a much lower ...

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What is BEC?

What you have heard about Bose-Einstein condensation may makes it sound strange. But what is it really, and how did someone think of it?

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BEC Homepage

Part of the excellent Physics 2000 site, this page looks at Bose-Einstein condensation theory.

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Bose-Einstein Condensation

Detailed explanation of BEC. Part of a larger site which includes many definitions and links.

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Bose-Einstein Statistics

Detailed information on this concept and links to related information.

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Explanation of what bosons and Bose-Einstein statistics with links to topics that are important in understanding.

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Atomic Lab Applets

Applets demonstrating Interference Experiments and Bose-Einstein-Condensation from the physics 2000 website

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Planck Radiation Formula

The Planck radiation formula is an example of the distribution of energy according to Bose-Einstein statistics.

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