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Sport Science

The science behind a selection of sports from surfing to cycling - the physics behind their operation and the equipment they use.

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The science of Baseball

From sports Science to history of the sport. Science is only a small part of this site from the Exploratotrium.

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Experiments on the physics of many popular sports, including cycling and automobile aerodynamics, frisbees and sailing.

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Popular Mechanics - Sport

Excited about the Olympics? This site tells you the latest news about the science in sport, from the perfect pole-vault to the latest gadgets.

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Physics of Luge

Imagine that you are travelling 65 miles an hour but only three inches above solid ice - lying feet first on a tiny sled. This is the sport of luge! Work through the physics of this sport.

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Science and Technology in Sport

A BBC mini site examining the role science and technology play in sport, from treating athletes' injuries and building Olympic stadiums to drug testing.

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Extreme Challenge

A great Shockwave game that is fun to play but also illustrates the science behind a wide range of sports.

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SportScience and Engineering in Education

This site highlights the science in sport particularly Formula 1, shoe design and various types of balls.

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Olympic Science 101

How fast can a table tennis ball fly? Which sportsmen sweat the most?The physics & physiology behind olympic sports.

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Physics, technology and the Olympics

Physicsworld article on the role of physics in Olympic sports. You need to register (free) to read it.

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