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Science is Fun: Home Science Activities

This site includes many fun chemistry home science activities, a "Chemical of the Week" feature and details of how to obtain videos of chemistry demonstrations.

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Science squad activities

Loads of experiments to try at home.

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Hunkin's Experiment - Inertia

A couple of simple activities to try at home.

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Fun Science Activities

This site from National Geographic has plenty of ideas of experiments you can try at home.

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Hits: 5431 - The Laboratory - Physics

A series of small home experiments and activities illustrating various principles.

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Thinking Fountain A to Z

Contains a variety of: activities and ideas that can be done by children at home, galleries to show work, book references.

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DIY Science

Try your hand at exciting activities at home or at school using everyday equipment. Mix some slime, build a rocket or make sultanas dance!

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A series of activities aimed at very young children. Webpage includes many ideas and activities for parents/teachers to try out.

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Activities - Learning Power

Some simple kids' activities such as crosswords and mazes designed to teach electricity safety.

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Squishy Circuits

An activity to do at home to explore the world of circuits. Make two types of dough, one that carries electricity and one that doesn't, to create all sorts of circuits and explore how they work.

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