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Physics tutorials from Sophia

A collection of resources to help you learn about physics.

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The Physics of Football

Article from physicsworld on the physics behind footballers' techniques.

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The Physics of Dance

How physics can explain what is happening when a dancer moves.

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A 1939 Map of Physics

A vintage map of physics, showing how the different area relate to each other.

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Physics to Go

It's not magic, it's physics! A collection of fun tricks to try out at home, school or in the pub.

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Beginners Guide to High Energy Physics

A basic page with links to other particle physics introductory websites.

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Physics Time-Line

From the Greek philosophers to string theorists, this site is the chronology of discoveries in physics and cosmology.

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Physics, technology and the Olympics

Physicsworld article on the role of physics in Olympic sports. You need to register (free) to read it.

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Physics Lecture-Demonstration Facility

The whole site consists of a huge resource of physics demonstrations, some with movies, many with photographs

Visit Physics Lecture-Demonstration Facility



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Careers Using Physics (CUP)

An appealing site from the American Institute of Physics giving lots of helpful advice and inspiration.

Visit Careers Using Physics (CUP)



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