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Quantum Time Development

This applet enables the user to show how a quantum wave packet develops with time.

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Space-time for beginners

A quick guide to help you get to grips with Einstein’s concept of gravity and space-time.

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Positive Velocity and Positive Acceleration

Shows, by means of simple animation, the displacement time, velocity time, and acceleration time graphs for an object moving with positive velocity and positive acceleration.

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How aerogel will change the world

Article from the times on how this new material could protect your home against bomb blasts, mop up oil spillages and even help man to fly to Mars.

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Time Dilation

Explanation of time dilation with example of two identical clocks moving relative to each other.

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How Time Works

A fascinating, historical description of how Time works, how we meaure it and more from

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2 plus 2

A new scheme that offers an unconventional route to studying physics or chemistry, for those without the usual qualifications. You study part-time for two years with the Open University, then for two ...

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Bending sound, the weird path of sound in the ocean

Read about how sound travels in the ocean, the SoFAR channel and one experiment to test how far could you hear a sound underwater.

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Electric Arc

The phenomena of an electric arc is when electricity travels from one object to another object through the air.

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Speed of light

Info on the speed of light, and how quickly it travels through water, air or diamond. Also contains a good overview of historical measurements of the speed of light.

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