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Star Spectral Types

Table showing star temperature related to colour.

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That Sinking Feeling (Water Temperature and Density)

Why does the water always seem colder at the bottom of a lake?

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They Sure Don't Make Pyrex Like They Used To

A video showing and explanation how Pyrex can crack under quick changes in temperature.

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How the Sun's Corona Gets So Hot

The temperature of the sun's corona is several million degrees, but the surface is only a few thousand. Scientist have been pondering the reason and now they think they know why.

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The Atmosphere

A collection of fun and interesting practicals all related to the atmosphere and weather, covering temperature, density, and pressure

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How Thermometers Work

A brief description of how Thermometers measure temperature from

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The Physics Factbook

This site compiles all sorts of facts and figures, ranging from ordinary to downright bizarre. So whether you want to find out the best temperature for brewing coffee or the diameter of a snowflake, ...

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Arizona - Beat the heat

A good interactive game from the Arizona Science Center that uses Shockwave to let you build your own house to be the right temperature for all seasons.

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Ising applet

Ising is a simple model of magnetism. It simulates a ferromagnet using two-dimensional array of interacting spins at fixed temperature and magnetic field.

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How is BEC made?

It took 70 years to realise Einstein's concept of Bose-Einstein condensation in a gas. It was first accomplished by Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman in 1995. They did it by cooling atoms to a much lower ...

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