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How Power Distribution Grids Work

A brief description of how Power Distribution Grids work from

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Hydro Power

How water can be used to generate electricity.

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Electricity in the Air

A short slideshow demonstrating how wireless power works.

Visit Electricity in the Air



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Star Power

A profile of the astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson

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Lemon Power

Turn a couple of lemons into a battery with this experiment.

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Power Factor

Description of this concept with links to related information.

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Wireless electricity? It's here

A look at the technology behind transmitting power without wires using magnetic fields.

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Introduction to fluid power

A good comprehensive site offering information on hydraulics and pneumatics.

Visit Introduction to fluid power



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Physics in the sink: Dancing water

Wield the power of static electricity in this experiment to try at home.

Visit Physics in the sink: Dancing water



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Magnetic Reversals

Space weather effects on technology such as GPS, power systems, submarines, satellites, planes and more.

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Showing 41 - 50 of 99