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Visit Explaining nuclear fusion: is it the way forward for cheap energy?



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Nuclear Power Plant game

Try your hand and controlling a nuclear power plant and try not to let it meltdown

Visit Nuclear Power Plant game



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Hyperphysics - Nuclear Scattering Cross Section

Theory of nuclear scattering cross section and relation to Rutherford's gold foil experiment.

Visit Hyperphysics - Nuclear Scattering Cross Section



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Edward Mills Purcell

Edward Mills Purcell (1911 - 1997) worked in the field of nuclear magnetism, with particular interest in relaxation phenomena, related problems of molecular structure, measurement of atomic ...

Visit Edward Mills Purcell



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How Nuclear Power Works

A brief description of how Nuclear fission power works from Marshall Brain's Concentrating on the fission of Uranium 135.

Visit How Nuclear Power Works



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World Nuclear Association

A useful website that provides data on a number of topics of interest. Particularly useful for coursework.

Visit World Nuclear Association



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Bikini Atoll

Information Site for the small islands associated with nuclear weapons testing in the 1940s.

Visit Bikini Atoll



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The Japan nuclear crisis

Coverage from Nature news with all the latest updates on the situation at Fukushima.

Visit The Japan nuclear crisis



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Hyperphysics - Nuclear Medicine

Use of positron emission tomography (PET scan) with links to relevant explanations.

Visit Hyperphysics - Nuclear Medicine



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A great starting point for learning about nuclear fusion physics, plasma and tokamaks.




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