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Physics Flash Animations

A simply presented but comprehensive list of flash simulations, covering everything from classical mechanics to tutorials on relativity.

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Final Frontier - Space and Time

A series of pages explaining the concept of spacetime with good diagrams. Good introduction to relativity.

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The King's Centre for Visualization in Science

Explore science through a series of interactive applets on a range of topics from climate change, relativity and modern physics

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Eric Weisstein's World of Physics

A fantastic general resource giving short definitions and relevant equations. Contains a huge amount of information and is still growing!

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A general explanation of the mechanical equivalent of heat and the first and second laws of thermodynamics, text only.

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A general overview of endoscopy more orientated to the medical side rather than the physics.

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General Physics Applets

Extensive collection of applets which illustrate a wide range of topics.

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The Science Spot

Comprehensive general science site with lots of useful information for teachers and students

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Kilo What?

A page introducing the general concept of electricity with good links off e.g. "Watered Down Electricity".

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Recommended Physics Reading

A wiki page with a list of general physics books which are accessible

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