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Electricity and Magnetism demonstrations

A vast number of lecture demonstrations which cover a wide area.

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Foil Simulation Applet

A complicated simulation tool showing how a planes wing works and the airflows over a number of surfaces.

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A long straight coil of wire can be used to generate a nearly uniform magnetic field similar to that of a bar magnet. Such coils, called solenoids, have an enormous number of practical applications.

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Nuclear Physics Applications

A very basic guide from the ThinkQuest competition covering a number of topics. Has no mathematics but good for reactor diagrams and the medicine topic covers treatments.

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Every tornado across the United States since 1980

Explore tornado stats by year from the number of tornadoes, injuries, fatalities and amount of damage.

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A Short History of Vacuum Terminology and Technology

A description of the relevant work of a number of scientists who are famous for work relating to gases or vacuums.

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Magic Factory

Includes a number of games about light and colour - reflection, spectrum, speed of light, optical illusions and refraction. Teachers notes available.

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An adjustable picture of a transformer on which you can vary input voltage and the number of turns on each coil. Useful description of mutual inductance. Great for revision, or teaching without the ...

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Changing Illusions

Certain patterns confuse your eyes and brain, causing you to misjudge the size of a circle, or the length of a line. This site contains shockwave demonstrations of a number of optical illusions.

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How does GPS work?

More information on how GPS satellites calculate your location, from using accurate atomic clocks to ensuring enough coverage.

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