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Is time travel possible?

A video looking at the physics behind time travel.

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How Hypersonic Planes Work

A brief description of how Hypersonic Planes like the X-43A reach 10 times the speed of sound (mach 10). rom

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The Untold Story of Getting from Here to There | Time and Navigation

A site from the Smithsonian dedicated to exploring the relationship between time and navigation from how sailors needed accurate clocks to determine their longitude to how satellites navigation ...

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De Mora Luminis

Measuring times of the eclipses of Jupiter's moons when Earth and Jupiter were in various positions gave evidence for light traveling at a finite speed. Includes a list of measurements of c made ...

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Wormholes and time travel

Page from howstuffworks explaining wormholes and how they could be used for time travel.

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Missions in space-time

Nature Video presents five short films on the future of physics, capturing the conversations between young researchers and physics Laureates. Join them as they grapple with universal ideas including ...

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Magnetic Flux

Magnetic flux is the product of the average magnetic field times the perpendicular area that it penetrates.

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Projectile Motion

Simulation of projectile motion. The range, height, velocities and times are shown for different launch velocities, angles and gravity.

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Time 100: Edwin Hubble

A profile of Edwin Hubble from Time magazine.

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The Big Bang time machine

Get in the time machine and travel back to the big bang.

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