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Meteorites in Antarctica

How and why scientists hunt for meteorites in the Antarctic, and what these space rocks can tell us about the solar system's past and even life on Mars.

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Earth Introduction

Explanations and figures for the physical facts concerning our planet earth. This forms part of the Views of the Solar System site.

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Appealing, very visual site covering all aspects of space from the solar system to astronauts and space travel, includes a teachers section. Great fun!

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Project Spectra!

A great resource with games, worksheets about how light is used to explore the solar system from measuring atmospheres and soils to designing your own planet. Covering many topics such as ...

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Super planet crash

Drop planets around a star and see how long they last. Score points by placing the planets in the habitable zone. Can you make your solar system last 500 years?

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British National Space Centre

Site containing information about current satellites launches, solar system and Earth observation. There are links from the 'Learning Zone' to other Space sites

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How Kepler finds planets

Play exoplanet hunters in this interactive from NASA and discover how Kepler searches for habitable exoplanets outside our solar system using the transit method. Requires flash.

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NEO - Near-Earth Object Program

Good introduction to NASA's program dedicated to monitoring possible asteroid collisions. Basic knowledge of Solar System assumed. An informative, well-presented, well-focused site.

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Who invented the metric system?

A really thorough article on the history of the metric system, the first international measurement system.

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Welcome to the Planets

A site containing lots of images of the planets in the solar system and the machines used to take the pictures. This site also contains a comprehensive glossary of space terms.

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