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Black Body Radiation

A clear explanation with the associated graphs and an introduction to the relevant laws.

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Cosmic Rays

Information on the high energy radiation which strikes the Earth from space.

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Hyperphysics - Radioactivity

Description of origin and uses of gamma radiation, other radioactive processes, with good links t further info.

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Ionizing Radiation

Ionization is the ejection of one or more electrons from an atom or molecule to produce a fragment with a net positive charge.

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The Future of Deep Space Travel is RAD

A detailed analysis of the radiation received by the Curiosity spacecraft on it's journey to Mars.

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Good simple revision guide for UK GCSE standard, includes topics such as isotopes, types of radiation, half-life and nuclear power.

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Bananas are radioactive

Short article on why bananas give off relatively high amounts of ionising radiation.

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Gamma Radioactivity

This section of Hyperphysics describes gamma radiation very clearly and links to relevant information.

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How does heat energy move - Energy transfers

A good explanation of radiation, convection and conduction.

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The Big Bang

NASA page detailing the evidence for the big bang obtained from the study of cosmic background radiation (the CMB).

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