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Zooom Folding

A simple activity to make a fun paper toy to show how big the universe is.

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The Big Bang

Largely text based description of this theory on the universe's birth.

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See the universe in range of wavelengths from gamma rays to radio waves.

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Universe Sandbox

Play around with the solar system with this interactive piece of software

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An Atlas of the Universe

Nine main maps each one approx ten times the scale of the previous.

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CERN ideas: the big Bang

Explore the implications of particle physics for the first moments of the universe.

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Create your own universe

Play with gravity in this fantastic simulator. Add stars and see how they move and orbit

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Death of the Universe

Brian Cox describes how stars will eventually turn into black dwarves.

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The search for origins

Astrophysical and biological considerations bearing on the likelihood of life elsewhere in the universe.

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The Gestalt of Determinism

In a totally deterministic universe there is only one possible future, but it may be unpredictable and highly complex.

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Showing 41 - 50 of 112

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