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Electricity Analogy

Flash animation of how electricity works using bread vans as electrons, a bakery as the battery and a supermarket as a bulb or buzzer.

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Nanogenerators Produce Electricity from Running Rodents

Nanotechnology has enabled a hamster wearing a power-generating jacket to do its own small part to provide a new and renewable source of electricity.

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This site gives details of a series of demonstrations on illustrating electricity, giving details of the set-up used and the safety hazards

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Electricity and Magnetism

A site linking to many other sites, each dealing with an aspect of Electricity and Magnetism

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Electricity Online

A resource that links to many sites about electricity. The "internet field trip" sites are very good - well thought out contextual links.

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Electricity Timeline

A timeline showing the historical development of electricity.

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Electric Blue Sparks

How to build various types of home-made static generators. Good for science projects!

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Static Equilibrium

Interesting problem involving centers of masses and the attempt to stack 13 books. Java applet.

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Energy and Electricity Wordsearch

A wordsearch largely based on energy rather than electricity

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Van De Graaff Generator

Info on Van de Graaff generators, which can be used to build up a static charge and make your hair stand on end!

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