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Speed Of Light

Experimental measurements of the speed of light have been refined in progressively more accurate experiments since the seventeenth century.

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Air Track Simulator

This applet simulates collisions in one dimension. Users can change variables of mass, elasticity and initial speeds of masses on an air track.

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Measuring the speed of light

A short cartoon explaining how the speed of light is measured

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Newtonian Mountain

Shows cannonball projected off mountain. Different speeds produce different results. I particularly liked the "touch" when the ball completed an orbit and returned to where it left the mountain!

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Airplane In Wind

The cross-country navigation of an aircraft involves the vector addition of relative velocities since the resultant ground speed is the vector sum of the airspeed and the wind speed.

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Maxwell Speed Distribution

The speed distribution for the molecules of an ideal gas is given by Maxwell's speed distribution

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Relative Velocity

Shows a simulation for crossing a river in a boat. Speed of river, boat angle and speed can be changed.

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Speed and velocity

Page explaining speed and velocity, and the difference between the two.

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The problem of the Wimbledon roof

How the new roof at Wimbledon affects tennis ball speeds.

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Biosonar - Seeing with Sound

A good site on how animals such as bats or dolphins see with sound (also known as echolocation ).

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