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How big is space?

A great scrolling interactive illustrating just how vast space is.

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Why Don't We Have Space Elevators?

What is a space elevator and what are the problems we need to overcome to build one.

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Is Sex in Space Still Just a Fantasy?

A video explainer looking at the issues with doing the business in space.

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Space - Education

A huge collection of links to a range of space related info online. A great resource!

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Fifty years of space exploration

The moon, mars, Saturn and beyond.... Cool map featuring the paths of over 200 space missions.

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A directory of ways to participate in space exploration, interact and connect with the space community through participatory projects and the like.

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Whoosh - The Space Playground

A kids site from ABC in Australia with lots of fun games and information on space related topics.

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Cosmicopia - space science

A wealth of info about the sun, the earth's magnetosphere, space weather, cosmic rays, solar wind etc

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BBC page with a variety of activities & info about space.

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Where does space begin

A brief explanation of why we use 100km as the border of space

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