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Sound Intensity

A short section on the intensity of sound with links through to details on decibels and other related areas.

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The Speed of Sound

The first analytical determination of the speed of sound was given by Isaac Newton in Proposition 49 of Book II of the Principia.

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Speed of Sound Calculator

A simple program that allows you to calculate the speed of sound according to temperature humidity and pressure.

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The loudspeaker involves electromechanical processes where the amplified audio signal must move a cone or other mechanical device to produce sound like the original sound wave.

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Red Bull Stratos Speed of Sound

A website from the record breaking skydive about the speed of sound

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Speed of Sound

A great explainer site about how the speed of sound is calculated and how it changes with temperature and altitude.

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Hear the sound of the big bang

An article from the Independent newspaper about a physicist who has recreated the sound of the big bang.

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How a speaker works

An animated cut-away picture of a loud speaker, with a synchronized oscilloscope screen representation of the sound. Sound included, plus a description of how the alternating current and magnetic ...

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Faster than sound

Describes the early attempts to break the sound barrier. Includes descriptions, information, including the latest attempts to beat speed records on land, water and in the air.

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Sound and Hearing

Introductory page linking to more information on various aspects of sound and hearing.

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