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Aerosols and pressure

A lot of information on how aerosol cans work and are produced.

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Henry's Law

When a gas is in contact with the surface of a liquid, the amount of the gas which will go into solution is proportional to the partial pressure of that gas.

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Steamy Science: Demonstrating Condensation

A simple experiment to demonstrate the effects of pressure and how gases work.

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How does a thing like that work?

Descriptions of how to carry out the experiments in a lecture tour - covers such topics as Newton's Laws, air pressure and electricity.

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Vapour Pressure, Boiling and Freezing Temperatures of a Solution

Introduction to colligative properties of solutions - complex equations included!

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Thermodynamics / pressure chamber.

Allows you to perform gas law experiments including density / molecular weight variations. A very good site for demonstrating variables in the gas laws.

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Diving physics and fizzyology

A detailed account of how pressure affects the gases dissolved in divers' blood and how it can lead to decompression sickness - the bends.

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Crushing Coke Can

A nice demonstration using a simple Coke can of atmospheric pressure.

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Boiling point

A simple description of what boiling points are, and how they vary according to pressure.

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The Atmosphere

A collection of fun and interesting practicals all related to the atmosphere and weather, covering temperature, density, and pressure

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