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Gravity-Assist Orbit

Planetary exploration vessels like Voyager I and Voyager II made use of propulsion maneuvers which gained energy from the planets and moons they passed.

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Interesting properties of projectile motion

Two applets for projectile motion.

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Circular motion

Definitions and equations relating to circular motion.

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Lunar and Planetary Institute

Information, images and teaching ideas on the moon, Mars and other planets. Also seminar timetables, and a collection of library information on space science.

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Temperature effect on atomic motion

You can move the cursor up and down to see the effect of increasing temperature on the speed of particle motion.

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Pluto's Planetary Plight

Is Pluto really a planet? Interesting discussion although the page from 1997 - pluto has since been reclassified!)

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The applet collection.

Java applet links demonstrating Kinematics, dynamics, rotational motion, static's, oscillation, thermal physics, wave motion, electrodynamics, optics, quantum physics, nuclear physics.

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Solar system visualiser

Visit this interactive site to explore the orbits of planets and their moons in our solar system and also in a wide selection of extrasolar planetary systems.

Visit Solar system visualiser



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Brownian motion

Explanation and animations on Brownian Motion.

Visit Brownian motion



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Charged particle motion in E/M Field

This java applet tries to show the motion of a charged particle in a uniform and constant electric/ magnetic field

Visit Charged particle motion in E/M Field



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