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CERN ideas: the big Bang

Explore the implications of particle physics for the first moments of the universe.

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Identifying Interesting Particle Physics Events at LEP

A page to appeal to the younger audience, with questions for you to try.

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Virtual Library: Physics

A page of links to other sites, mostly about acoustics, astronomy and particle accelerators

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Observing the world of particles

Introduction to earlier particle detectors including nuclear emulsions, cloud, bubble, and multiwire chambers.

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A portal for the world's particle physics laboratories. Includes a good image bank and all the latset news

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Educational sites

A list of web sites, all Physics related. Quite a lot relate to particles in one form or another.

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7-Foot Bubble Chamber

Description of the first particle detector of its type at Brookhaven in which the chamber through which the particles passed was surrounded by a superconducting magnet.

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Rutherford's demonstration

An animated representation of the famous alpha-particle scattering demonstration. You can adjust the frequency of arrival of the particles and observe which make it through and which rebound.

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CERN - the Guardian

News and comment on the world's most ambitious scientific experiment: the Large Hadron Collider LHC at the European laboratory for particle physics near Geneva

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What is Physics?

An overview defining physics and summarising the history of physics from early mechanics to quantum theory.

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