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FAQ About Nuclear Energy

Notes and views concerning Nuclear Energy by a professor at Stanford University, USA.

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Fusion basics

An introduction to nuclear fusion power, explaining plasma confinement and the use of tokamaks. From JET – Europe's largest nuclear fusion research facility.

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Fusion Energy Educational Website

Uses text and colour images to explain the nuclear fusion process in stars and the current research into achieving controlled nuclear fusion.

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Nuclear Energy - Fission and Fusion

A quick introduction to nuclear energy.

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Nuclear Power Plants around the world

Basic information about the different types of plants and their principle of operation. Comprehensive introductory educational site about all forms of nuclear power.

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Felix Bloch

Felix Bloch (1905 - 1983) research lead to a new method of nuclear induction for the study of nuclear moments in solids, liquids, or gases.

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How Nuclear Radiation Works

A brief description of how Nuclear Radiation works from Covering atomic structure, particles, radioactive decay, applications, naturally occurring isotopes.

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Higher grade bitesize revision

BBC revision guide for Scottish Higher Grade students, with notes and online tests.

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Standard Grade Bitesize physics revision

BBC revision site for Scottish Standard Grade. Information and online tests

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Basic nuclear fission

Nuclear fission explained simply.

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