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Pedal Power [PDF]

Jon Clarke explains how cyclists can use physics to explain certain limitations to their performance and to get the best out it's all about power.

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Fission and Fusion

Part of a nuclear reactor tour, this site gives a simplified explanation of nuclear energy.

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Why Nuclear Bombs Create Mushroom Clouds

Heating and convection cause the signature shape of nuclear blasts.

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The Power of a Pinwheel

A experiment exploring how the power of the wind changes.

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Hyperphysics - Nuclear Reactions

Description of nuclear cross section, with good relevant links to other areas of the site.

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Nuclear files

This site provides information on nuclear weapons and war. Contains some biographies of scientists, photographs of bomb blasts and victims, also some audio clips.

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Todd's Atomic Home Page

A site of useful links focusing on nuclear computing, nuclear engineering, fusion, reactors, weapons and waste issues.

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Why Aren’t Bird Electrocuted When They Perch On Power Lines?

Birds can sit on power lines that have extremely high voltage, find out how they can do this and survive.

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This is an index page for topics related to power and explains the concept. Click on the bubbles to access the topics.

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Nuclear Physics

Introductory page linking to many different parts of the hyperphysics site, each dealing with an aspect of nuclear or particle physics

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